Your recreational spaces

Espace Grand Large area

Restaurant du Grand-Large

Right next to the main lake, and with an amazing and panoramic view, the Espace Grand Large welcomes food-lovers to its unique restaurant. This is where you can discover authentic cooking, served in generous portions and great for all the family. This area also features a bar and catering space, offering a wide variety of food and seasonal produce for take-aways.

The Espace Grand Large is also a spot for socialising, complete with a lounge club and pool as well as bowling for parents and an area reserved just for children!


Fitness and well-being centre

Centre de bien-être

Located in an area bordered by the river and a reed garden, this centre for harmonious therapies was designed to introduce visitors to numerous activities. Here they can find their inner balance and restore their positive energies.

For relaxation, the centre offers a spa, sauna, whirlpool baths and a hammam. To take good care of yourself, thanks to a fitness check-up with a personal coach, massages and alternative therapy courses. Take yoga and fitness classes to restore your energy.



Piscine, hall du marché, brasserie, boulangerie...

This is an essential living site in the heart of Your Nature. If you’re looking to treat yourself, at any time during your stay, head down to the Boulangerie and sample one of its assortment of pastries or enjoy a relaxing drink in the tea room. Here you will also find a shop with produce from local and regional producers. Visitors can take a stroll on the Place du Marché and find quality products.

On the other side, there’s a swimming pool with three pools, plus an outdoor pool, which will delight young and old alike!




archi aao

Jean-Pierre Wargnies and David Clerbois

Architects of Univers Recreatifs– Atelier de l’Arbre d’Or

« The architectural concept behind recreational worlds reflects the very essence of nature through a metaphor of its cycle. Each building has a unique look and this is seen in everything from its function to the exterior materials. For example, the flower symbolises pleasure, which is itself embodied in the Wellness Centre and is covered by a floral wall. »