François Mary

Director General

Thanks to his professional career in Groupe Disneyland Paris, in managing Village Nature Paris (over 1,000 holiday homes), as well as in Prague for the Vienna International hotel group, Mr Mary has all the required skills to ensure that Your Nature’s development achieves the very highest levels.

Thibaut Winter

Financial Director

After a successful experience working for the Groupe Yves Rocher in several European countries, in finance and operations, Thibaut joined the Your Nature teams in late 2016 and now manages the administrative and financial files.

Remi Monami

Project Manager

Rémi Monami created the Groupe Convergences with Benoît Vander Borght. He is an architect by profession and a health and safety coordinator (level A), with the following specialities: project organisation / planning / administrative management / energy management.

Benoît Vander Borght

Project Manager

Founder of the Convergences group with Rémi Monami, he is an architect by profession and a health and safety coordinator (level A). Notable specialities include project organisation / planning / technical management.

Antoine Vanneste

Real Estate Manager

A developer of projects specialised in real estate over the last decade, Mr Vanneste has first-class expertise in the financial, architectural and strategic management of residential projects of more than 20,000 m². On behalf of Your Nature, he is in overall charge of the project’s marketing of European property, calling on an exclusive distribution network in each country.

Marie Julie Wilkin

Human Wealth Manager

Marie Julie began her professional career on the reception desk of a hotel in Brussels. She later successfully worked her way up to the Sofitel Brussel, where she took on the posts of human resources manager, training manager, and then quality manager, before moving on to be Hotel Manager for a small establishment in Belgium.