Take a breath … You have arrived

All big projects start with a grand vision, but we have opted for humility: respecting a magnificent site preserved for 150 years and then integrating 188 cottages into the heart of its exceptional natural park extended over 280 hectares of lakes and forests. And all the while you are in the centre of Europe, less than two hours from London, Paris or Brussels. Your Nature wants their clients to enjoy nature and savour an unforgettable experience by setting up holidays and short breaks in the leisure market in a different way. And for the future buyers, this is an investment oriented towards success.


Big cities easily accessible

Your Nature is very well positioned to target a large number of clients living in large urban areas : Paris (12 million inhabitants), London (8 millions), Rotterdam (1,2 million), Brussels (1,1 million), Lille (1 million), Geneva (480 000 habitants).


An ideal destination for short stays

This is the ideal choice to take a break in nature without compromising client comfort. Your Nature offers the perfect opportunity for short stays, and will attract families.


A relaxing and entertaining proposition that exists nowhere else

Your Nature offers many activities involved with constitution, wellbeing and nature. These are designed to fulfil nature lovers and fans of outdoor activities as well as those who simply want to relax, in a group or solo (horse, rowing, cycling, running, spa …)


Spacious and very comfortable accommodation

The external architecture of our accommodation has been designed to blend in with nature. The decor, designed specifically for this project combines clean lines and refined materials recalling the bark, branches or leaves of trees. They are fully appointed for maximum comfort. Finally, the housing spaces are significantly larger than the market average.


A site dedicated to families

Fully secured, the park is closed and the enclosed space is controlled 24 hours a day. No cars are allowed to enter, and families can enjoy the park and its facilities with a calm state of mind. Houses are constructed with everything necessary to make the most of the stay. The rooms have been planned with all family members, with living in harmony the theme.