Investing in a lettable eco-resort, focusing on tourism, raises questions and asks for careful consideration. We answer the most frequently asked questions. Discover the advantages of this extraordinary project.


Questions and Answers

Do I need to provide capital?

First and foremost, you must understand that just like any other property investment, Your Nature is about just that – making an investment. Therefore, this means investing existing capital, for at least part of the price. Consequently, the proportion of your own funds to borrowed capital will depend on your situation. This is a decision to be made with your bank.

If I want to take out a loan to finance the purchase of my property, can the bank establish a mortgage on the usufruct?

Yes, because Your Nature S.A. will accept mortgages on the usufruct, which represents a significant advantage for an arrangement of this type.

Can the bank fix my credit rate for this loan now?

Yes, this is possible if you borrow more on your existing mortgage, or if you mortgage another property which you own. If this is not the case, the Wathelet law does not allow banks to fix a rate for over 4 months. This is why we allow potential buyers to seek finance until 15 days before they sign the deed of sale, in order to guarantee that they get the best rate.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I sign the sales agreement?

No! The full price is due upon signature of the deed of sale, so from Spring 2017. Before this, a sales agreement, including several suspensive clauses, must be signed. This document demonstrates your committment to purchase a property at Your Nature, before the signature of the deed of sale and deed of cession of usufruct.

Will I have to pay stamp duty?

No – since this is not a conventional property purchase, no stamp duty is payable. You only pay the cost of the deed of sale and notary’s fees, of which you will be informed in a “detailed price form”, according to the property purchased.

Will I have to pay VAT on the property?

No, this is the great advantage of the fiscal ruling obtained for this project! Péronnes Invest effectively pays the VAT (at 21%) in advance on 97.5 % of the property value: you only pay the purchase price excluding VAT. Upon signing the deed of sale, you only pay VAT (at 21%), on 2.5% of the property value, corresponding to bare ownership. This amount will be refunded to you six months after signature.

What does “guaranteed yield” mean?

The yield is guaranteed by the fiscal ruling, (the fiscal decision issued to Péronnes Invest by the Belgian State), under which we are obliged to reimburse the full value of the usufruct. This is also secured by Your Nature S.A.’s overall turnover for tourism.

Is the 5% usufruct payment indexed, like a rent?

No, the 5% yield is not indexed like a rent, as it represents the repayment of an amount owed for usufruct. Given that the fiscal ruling is very clear any beneficial to the client (refund of all VAT), the repayment amount cannot differ from that agreed.

Questions and Answers

You mention that the structure is formed of “foundation piles”, could you tell me a little more?

These are real foundations – just as resistant and solid as those made of concrete. This option has been chosen for technical reasons. It is just as solid as conventional techniques, but more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, these wooden homes have, from the outset, been designed with stability in mind, and all design firms working for Your Nature have abided by the most stringent regulations.

Who will be responsible for the fees concerning my property during the contract period?

It’s simple, for the duration of the cession of usufruct under which you are linked with Péronnes Invest, you pay nothing! Your Nature assumes responsibility for all maintenance fees on your property and the shared areas, co-property management fees, fiscal charges (taxes, rates, property tax, etc.). This also includes any damage which may occur, even in cases of force majeure (storms etc.). Your Nature has the appropriate insurance and will take full responsibility.

Are the houses on the Your Nature site situated on a flood plain?

No. As demonstrated by official maps, the area on which Your Nature is located has never been identified as susceptible to flooding.

Is the water labelled “river” near to Leaf houses natural, or will this be manmade?

Natural water is diverted from the South of the site. The entire site is naturally irrigated, due to the incline from the East of the site to the West. All existing water on the site will be chanelled to feed the river, while the natural incline of the ground will regulate its flow.

Questions & Answers

When will the deed of sale, the document by which the purchase is completed, be signed?

The deed of sale, like the deed of cession of usufruct, will be signed once the park has been built, which will be January 2017 at the earliest and June 2017 at the latest. This is when you must release all funds, by banker’s draft, covering the full price of the property excluding VAT+ VAT at 21%, payable on the bare property (2.5% of the Ex Vat value of the whole property).

Do I need to bring an expert when I receive the property?

This is not obligatory. However, in order for the formal record of receipt to be agreed by all parties, it is necessary that each party, (the buyer, the general operator and the seller are present when the inventory upon arrival (more commonly known as “reception”), and upon departure, (at the end of the cessation of usufruct contract), are completed. These conditions are included in the Your Nature sales agreement.

Questions & Answers

Can the right to use the property for 4 weeks be extended to members of my family?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to assign this usage to immediate family members (parents, brothers/sisters or children).

Can I swap my 4 weeks for 5 weekends?

All owners who have chosen an investment + leisure plan have the right to occupy the property for 4 week per year (3 in low season, 1 in high season). Each “week’s occupancy” can be any of the following, at their choice:

  • A weekend (3 nights from Friday to Sunday inclusive)
  • A mid-week (4 nights from Monday to Thursday inclusive)
  • A week (7 nights from Friday to Thursday inclusive)

During the occupancy weeks, will I be in “my own” home?

Not necessarily. As a buyer, you will have access to a dedicated intranet platform which will include booking information all houses of the same class as that which you have purchased: ideal for planning your stays to suit you! You will be able to access this system from the time at which bookings are opened for the period in question. If there is no availability for the selected period, an identical property will be offered on other dates within an equivalent period.

Questions & Anwers

Does the park have any regulations?

A set of internal regulations has been drawn up. These apply to owners and renters, and a copy will be provided at the beginning of the stay.

What means of transport are available between the carpark and the houses? And for groups?

Having left stress and noise behind in the carpark, it’s time to go electric! Indeed, only 100% electric vehicles will be permitted on site, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders of course (on shared or separate paths). Families will travel to their accommodation using small electric “golf caddy” type buggies, while groups will be picked up by an electric minibus.

Are pets allowed on site?

Yes, pets are allowed on site, but only under the rules set out in the internal regulations, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys a peaceful and pleasant stay.

Is it possible to rent a pet-free house?

Some houses will be pet free.

Will Your Nature and its cottages be accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Of course, from very beginning of the Your Nature design process, the accessibility of the site, accommodation, and shared infrastructure to people with reduced mobility has been taken into account.

Will wood be available for the fireplace in the cottage?

Yes, during the Winter season, each house will be provided with an initial stock at the start of the stay, both for tourists and owners during their 4 weeks of occupancy. Once this initial supply has been consumed, all visitors can stock up on wood for heating without leaving the park, as it will be available to buy in a shop.

Which activities are free? Is there access to a swimming pool?

During their four weeks’ occupancy, all property owners, as well as anyone staying with them, will have free access to the indoor pool located in the Nature and Discovery Space. As a member of the Investors Club, you will also have free access to one sporting activity of your choice, (from a list and timetable which will be drawn up each season by Your Nature).

Can I access the site at times when I do not have occupancy of the house, to take part in activities or visit the restaurant?

Yes, of course. Owners may access the site freely. However, in certain exceptional circumstances, (full occupancy), access may be limited as a result of safety regulations, which must be strictly adhered to by the operator.

Is there an allocated parking space for the house?

As the park is designed with sustainability in mind, private vehicles may not access the accommodation and must be left in the carpark. It has capacity for 430 vehicles, which corresponds to the site’s maximum occupancy, and no spaces are reserved for renters or owners. Occupants and their luggage will be transferred to their accommodation in electric buggies.

Can you bring bikes on site?

Of course! But remember that Your Nature will also provide sports and leisure equipment, including bikes, for hire on site, making life easier for our visitors during their stay.

Can you swim in the lakes?

Yes, the site will include a designated area for swimming in the lake, while a natural outdoor pool will be built in close to the Nature and Discovery Workshop and indoor pool.

If the house next door to mine comes up for sale, could you inform me before it goes on sale to the general public?

Of course. If a property is for sale, Your Nature will inform existing investors as a priority, in order to allow them to make a complementary purchase.

What guarantee does the Purchaser have that no fundamental modifications affecting the property on sale will be made?

Quite simply, the holder of the usufruct, in this case Your Nature, has a legal and contractual obligation to maintain the use of the property as a holiday residence. And Your Nature has no intention of breaking the law!

Can you fish on site?

Yes, keen fishers will be pleased to hear that we will provide designated fishing areas within the site.

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Can I resell my property before the end of the contract?

Yes, it is possible. You are free to choose to resell your property at any time within this period.

What happens at the end of the contract (that is to say, in 20 years)?

It’s very simple: you become full owner of your property and your share of the grounds, within the co-property system. Your Nature also grants you the right to access the whole site and free access to your property and all private facilities. From there, the majority of owners will most probably sign a contract with the operator, under which it is put up for rent. However, other options do exit, such as keeping the property for private use – although it cannot be used as a habitual residence.

After 20 years, when the property is returned, what state will the house and shared areas be in? When will the property be refurbished internally?

The first part of this answer lies with the design of the houses themselves: the companies chosen by Your Nature to build the wooden structures of the houses have decades of experience. Thanks both to this, and to the treatments chosen for the wood, the villas are extremely durable. Furthermore, in order to maintain their longevity, Your Nature will undertake regular maintenance. Finally, in terms of the interior finishings, your contract states that Your Nature will carry out two full refurbishments of the interior of your house during the contract period.

Is the furniture included in the purchase of the house?

No, by definition, the purchase only includes the immobile goods (which includes the “fixtures”, in other words the kitchen and bathrooms). Furniture, meanwhile, is supplied by the operator. However, at the end of the 20 years, you may be offered the option of purchasing the furniture in your house under favourable terms, for their residual value accounting for depreciation.