The TreeLoft

Astonishing nature

Imagine: a 57m² loft planted 3.50 meters tall and built entirely of wood … The latest addition to Your Nature: the TreeLoft. It allows direct immersion in the heart of trees with large windows that mirror the entire height of the walls. Don’t forget the two terraces: one on the roof of 31m and one of 36m on the grounds below the house. The windows of the TreeLoft mirror perfectly into its environment and preserve the privacy of its occupants without sacrificing the natural experience.. Discover the TreeLoft, build to be visited, during the Open Days on the 25th and 26th of June!


Originality: a loft with a unique architecture.
Comfort: living room, two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with rain shower and sauna sky.
The exceptional setting: on wooden piles in the heart of the forest.
Respect for the environment: TreeLoft eco-label.

Questions and answers

Comfort and ease with the use of natural materials. The Treeloft is a modern and original expression of connection with nature. The interior of the luxurious TreeLoft magnifies the originality of the place.

The TreeLoft is a house made entirely of wood and covered with mirrors. Installed vertically, it respects the surrounding wildlife and does not denature the trees.

It is built entirely of wood.

Its wooden floor rests on piles and is disconnected from the ground: the absence of excavation and concrete usually used for foundations can greatly limit the impact of their installation on the environment and does not disturb the animals.

The wood fireplace heating system and water boiler of 300 liters supplied by a heat pump to allow use less energy without impacting the comfort of life. Furthermore, the extra heat is provided by electric heaters powered by solar panels on the site.

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Your investment in a Your Nature cottage allows you to become the owner of the property with the signing of a usufruct transfer agreement allowing you to receive a regular payment, without duress and free of tax through a contract Invest Peronnes with our operating company.

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Investing in a house Your Nature allows you to become the owner of property and signed a usufruct contract of assignment allowing you to receive a refund of regular debt, without constraint and tax net through a contract with our Peronnes Invest Management operating company. As such, Peronnes Invest offers (1) an annual return of 5% net of fees and taxes.

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(1) See detailed conditions from our sales consultants