The Lake House

Magnificent nature

On the edge of the Fouage pond, the Lake House is orientated for the sun, and shines with a subtle mix of blue, grey and white. It is secluded, and not overlooked, in order to enjoy an undisturbed view from the edge of the lake across 4 hectares. In this duplex house under its 6.5-meter height, spaciousness is king: comfortable space and light to fill it. The house has a sleek and elegant decor inspired by sailing. Every Lake House has a rowboat that ties up to a private pontoon with direct access from the deck.

You will love:

The interior area: from 100 to 121 square meters
The confort : 6.50 metres high including, mezzanine with a parents suite, a chimney in the middle of the living room and a reading room for the kids.
An exceptional view : a deck to the south just above the Fouage pond, with a private pontoon for the wooden rowing boat. The spirit of Your Nature : in line with the eco certification is its construction limiting the impact on nature.

Questions and answers

To live in harmony with nature with serenity and interior space: 7 metres of ceiling. The large deck and wide windows allow the maximum light and the possibility to enjoy the pond from every vantage point: stunning natural decor.

The technical characteristics of the cottages reflect the ambition of Your Nature to take part in truly sustainable progress, adhering to the EPB norm (relating to the energy performance of buildings).

  • A wooden frame made in a solid wood assembly with laminated timber, abiding by the PEFC certification (to promote the use of a sustainable forest).
  • Construction on thermal poles in steel in order to preserve the ecosystem and maintain natural soil permeability.
  • A gently pitched roof
  • Very low-energy house – reinforced insulation, dual-flow ventilation, wood heating with added electric radiators with which energy is controlled for the whole site. The hot water boiler is supported by a heat pump.
  • Entrance courtyard with glass roof for depositing boots and outdoor clothes, and including a pantry
  • Ground floor: 1-2 bedrooms with twin beds, bathroom with walk-in shower and separate toilet
  • Main living area of 30m² with an open and fully equipped kitchen, a dining area and a living room with fireplace and flat screen television
  • Wooden staircase with quarter-turn
  • Upstairs reading lounge, master bedroom and with bathroom bath tub
  • South-facing terrace of 11m2 overlooking the Fouage pond accessed by a private dock with boat

Being an investor in, or an owner of, a Your Nature cottage, you can benefit from the Club Lounge and all the leisure activities in the park. The park presents wide variety: at any moment you can change your wish and your rhythm, from sport to relaxation, or to eat in one of the many places dedicated to the site.

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Your investment in a Your Nature house allows you to become the owner of the property with the signing of a usufruct transfer agreement entitling you to receive a regular payment, without duress and free of tax through a contract with our operating company Peronnes Invest Management. As such, Peronnes Invest offers (1) an annual return of 5% net of charges and taxes.


For further information over the rental mechanism for Your Nature, click here.


(1)  Detailed conditions are available from our sales advisors.