The Leaf

Natural and sleek

Leaf blends softly into the landscape. Its architecture is designed to be faithful to the principles of eco-tourism, paying attention to every detail in order to realise our vision in the forest. Beside both the river and “Grand Large”, this tapered house with pure lines, curved and totally built in wood, symbolizes perfectly the spirit of the location. Leaf is a two- or three-room house, depending on the module, to cosily welcome: a couple, family and friends. In the home design, everything recalls nature in its simplicity, beauty and genuineness: the wood strength, glass transparency, furniture curves and the shades of natural colours.

You will love…

The surface area : from 92 to 116 square meters
The comfort : 2 or 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a double chimney, all within a fully equipped house.
The exceptional setting : a wide deck with no-one overlooking, in the heart of the forest along the edge of a river, and with a private pontoon for your wooden rowing boat. The spirit of Your Nature : in line with its eco certification is construction limiting the impact on nature.

Questions and answers

Leaf is designed with the idea that the interior should achieve a full symbiosis with the outside architecture. Then, it proposes immersion in nature while within. From the pure lines of the bathroom furniture to refined curves in the kitchen, every detail is considered to foster well-being and serenity. One such feature is the wooden deck where you can contemplate with pleasure the forest or your own living room.

The technical characteristics of the cottages reflect the ambition of Your Nature to take part in truly sustainable progress, adhering to the EPB norm (relating to the energy performance of buildings).

  • A wooden frame made in a solid wood assembly with laminated timber, abiding by the PEFC certification (to promote the use of a sustainable forest).
  • Construction on thermal poles in steel in order to preserve the ecosystem and maintain natural soil permeability.
  • A reverse leaf form roof concentrates the drainage of rainwater into a micro lagoon chain.
  • Very low-energy house – reinforced insulation, dual-flow ventilation, wood heating with added electric radiators with which energy is controlled for the whole site. The hot water boiler is supported by a heat pump.


  • Total area from 92 to 116m²
  • In the heart of the forest or on the edge of Grand-Large lakefront
  • Courtyard under glass allows for boots and clothes, and includes a pantry
  • A 30m² main living room with an open kitchen, framed in a gazebo, a dining area and a fireplace and flat screen in the living room
  • Double fireplace serving both the living room and master suite
  • Master suite with full bathroom and a large tub
  • 1-2 additional rooms according modules, each with their own bathroom with walk in shower
  • Large 14m² terrace without anyone overlooking
  • A private pontoon and a wooden boat


Being an investor in or an owner of a Your Nature cottage, you can benefit from the Club Lounge and all the leisure activities in the park. The park presents wide variety: at any moment you can change your wish and your rhythm, from sport to relaxation, or to eat in one of the many places dedicated to the site.


Your investment in a Your Nature house allows you to become the owner of the property with the signing of a usufruct transfer agreement entitling you to receive a regular payment, without duress and free of tax through a contract with our operating company Peronnes Invest Management. As such, Peronnes Invest offers (1) an annual return of 5% net of charges and taxes.

For further information over the rental mechanism for Your Nature, click here.

(1)  Detailed conditions are available from our sales advisors.