Initial contact

You can contact our customer service at any time to send your details and arrange a first commercial appointment. One of our sales consultants for your country / region will handle your case and will accompany you throughout the investment process.

First appointment

During this first meeting, , which will take place in the business office located in the heart of Your Nature or in one of the dedicated offices, the adviser will evaluate your need to offer you the best product for your financial position and your future projects. He will show you in detail the Your Nature park and its 5 types of housing. Finally, for all of them, he will describe the investment terms and the profitability you can expect.

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    Discover the site

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    Visit the prototypes

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    Choose your location

Why move to the Your Life Nature site?

We are convinced that it is important to our future to offer investors the most visibility possible of this magnificent project, and that a site visit is the best way to understand the reasons for its projected touristic success. We installed a sales office in the heart of the park.

You can:

  • Browse 280 hectares of lakes and forests and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the site
  • Visit the two full-scale prototypes and discover the products in which you invest
  • Enjoy a guided visit of two areas from which you can choose the location of your future cottage


Second meeting

You make the decision to invest and make the purchase of your property by signing a sales agreement with Péronnes Invest. This agreement engages you in the realization of the investment, which will begin when you receive the keys.

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How to finance your investment as easily as possible?

Your Nature has aligned itself with strong and established financial partners dedicated to the project and the creation of applications for financing. Feel free to ask your consultant for direct contact during this second appointment.


The housing is now built, the park is laid out. Your property will be officially handed over to you and profitability started. The notary Péronnes Invest ° draws up the deed of sale and contracts for the sale of your property.

Third appointment

During the last meeting, you will have to:

  • Sign the final deed of sale at the notary of your choice (yours or those of Péronnes Invest (1))
  • Deliver the bank check (the amount excluding both VAT and 21% of 2.5% remaining, is the own tax payement needed, legally, to acquire the sole ownership)
  • Sign the the assignment deed in usufruct of your property as part of the provisioning management agreement to initiate the development contract of the property.
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    Pre-financing TVA

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(1)two notaries will be in charge of the Peronnes Invest file: Jean Vincke (www.actalys.be) and Vincent Vandercam (www.notairevandercam.be/fr)

4. IN JUNE 2017

A dedicated web site will give you live access to all information related to your file and your advantages:

  • Your client profile and all contract elements downloadable
  • A balance of income paid (quarterly, bi annual, yearly)
  • Find out all the advantages linked to the Investment Club which your are part of: your rights to stay in your house in Your Nature, special offers dedicated in Friends & Family, news about the park and all discounts with our partners …

We run a client service telephone platform for any inquiries. Contact us !

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    Online management

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    State of repayment of Peronnes Invest. to investors

You are now the owner of your property and
you have sold the usufruct to Your Nature in order to receive a refund of the annual debt.

In addition, it is important to note:

  • Péronnes Invest pre-finance for you: 21% of the VAT due on 97.5% of the sale price excluding VAT on the property on the day of signing the deed.
  • The 21% VAT on 2.5% of the sale price excluding VAT on the property that you have advanced will be refund within 6 months of that same signature.
  • The start of the contracted management provision of home is set as June 2017, the tourist park opening. It is on this date that the annual installments of repayment of your due will start.